Who are you interested in??

Hey guys,

This is  my third post of the blog series that I am starting. This topic today includes the annoying questions people have been asking me for weeks, which is the question stated above. So as always, comment feedback and ideas for me to write about and I will try to do that. Thanks and enjoy!!

Okay. So if anyone hasn’t been asked this question at some point has been living under a rock. It’s the dreaded question that everyone doesn’t really want to answer. Now a couple years ago, I would always have an answer to this question.  Lately, this has been irritating me because everyone has been asking me this.

However, as the times have changed so has my mind and views on this topic of relationships. I no longer have been interested in finding the perfect one to date because of my busy schedule with school and work. I would never have time to date anyone right now and that’s just it. At my age, I shouldn’t be worrying about who I’m going to date but rather on school and bettering myself.

My approach to this is simple. By saying I’m not interested in dating a woman at this time will give them cues that I am trying to better myself as a person. You see, I’ve seen many people get so desperate for having a girlfriend that whenever they got close it blew up in their face. I mean every guy dreads the friend zone and doesn’t want to get caught in that. With me, I don’t really care if I’m there with multiple women. It’s good to become great friends with them first in my opinion, so then I have a better understanding of how they operate.

Also, I figure that if I’m confident in myself that’s what will attract them. I’m sure some might wonder why I’m so confident in myself and find that worth asking by hanging out with me.  Now I’m sure all my naysayers will say, “Well if you’re too confident then you’re an asshole.” Wrong. There’s a difference between confidence and being an asshole. An asshole doesn’t care and has false confidence in himself due to low esteem.

I guess all I’m trying to say is it’s annoying having to explain to people why I’m not interested in anyone right now. Just doesn’t appeal to me right now and if someone really wants to get to know me, they’ll notice my confidence and approach me. The right person will walk into my life whenever they want to walk in. No need to force em.

In order to fly, you gotta leap

Lately in my life, it’s been a rollercoaster ride of events. One day up, one day down, one day angry, frustrated, and pissed off, one day extremely content. 

But you know what I’ve made out of these events happening?? I’ve figured out that in order to soar well above others, you have to leap from the edge of the cliff… Take a risk. Embrace every opportunity to better yourself in many ways.

For so many times, I was just a bystander in watching others embark on new journeys relating from school to work to social life. I was stuck on the edge of the cliff because I was afraid of the fall.. 

but you know what? I shouldn’t have been thinking about the fall but rather the ascent into the great world of possibilities. As of last Saturday, I finally have made the leap to fly and become the best I possibly could be. 

There will be people that try and clip your wings but you just have to fight them off

5 Things People Who Aren’t Prescribed Adderall Don’t Understand

All of this is so true. It’s not as glamorous as one might think it is getting stuff done efficiently but also dealing with those side effects. I often catch myself acting like an asshole to people because I just want to focus on my schoolwork and not them. I would love to talk but when I have shit to get done, it’s getting done without people bothering me. Also, the whole sleeping concept is extremely irritating. Like the article says, you could physically fall asleep at any moment but mentally, you’re wide awake with your own thoughts haunting you when all your body wants to do is sleep but can’t. The eating issue hasn’t really been a side effect for me. I still get hungry when i normally do. However, most times I’m mentally hungry for food so I just keep forging on with my schoolwork.

Seriously, if any of you know someone who isn’t prescribed this and is taking it, show them this article to give a perspective of what it’s actually like in my shoes dealing with an actual problem. I haven’t really been all that vocal about this diagnosis because I know that everyone would frown and look down upon me for it. 

This is a first part of a blog series that I’m going to create for a month just to see feedback, if any. So my lovely followers, I encourage you to send me messages or post on this link story to share opinions and other thoughts you may have on the topic. If this idea really takes off, I’ll ask for topics from people that read these, so get reading followers :)

I fucking hate this feeling of darkness that just consumes every bit of me… No matter how hard I try to cast it out… it still comes back and lurks for days on end. I just feel so fucking alone like no one understands me at all and that im empty inside. It’s as if the darkness has taken all the matter that once made me full and left me with nothing at all. It’s a dark fucking cloud that never seems to fully go away.

I just had a brillant idea..

I really want to have a radio show at some college and have students listen to it.. I would play a wide variety of music and also have some insightful information to give to the audience. Maybe even have some guests on the show.. It would be so cool. If only I was back at LAX.

What are people’s thoughts on this?? Let me know in the message box above!! Please it would be much appreciated!!!

Galantis- You

THIS… THISS! hits me right in the feels. SOOO good. hitting me right in the feels tonight.