I’m not quite sure why I’m being such an asshole lately but quite frankly I don’t care. I’m not one to my friends or family so that’s all that matters I suppose. If you can’t handle me being blunt and honest, then thats not me but you

Forgot how good Trivium was.. .DAYUM!


I listen to EDM and I’m in a pretty decent mood. Then I listen to rock or country and I get super contemplative and in a sad mood. It’s crazy how music can change emotions within a matter of minutes.This is probably the worst funk I’ve been in yet.. ugh. Honestly, I feel mehh. Nothing is going wrong right now in my life yet I’m just mehh. It’s weird because I used to be this optimistic guy and now im far from that

My Condition

Ima try out this whole poetry thing out. So let’s see how I do. 

Lost in my mind. Thoughts swallow me up at every waking second.

Disheveled thoughts spin around me like a hurricane of negativity.

I look at the bottle, it gives me a warm feeling that I cannot replace.

Peace. Ease of mind. an escape from the cruel, grim reality.

Soon these thoughts begin to wrap around me.

Constricting every judgement I make like a python.

The bottle’s grip becomes stronger and more powerful.

I feel weak and helpless. My condition is fading fast.

A woman appears, elegant and full of light.

This light is promising of new and better days. 

I feel at ease and accept her helping hand.

I walk towards the exit with a newfound mentality.

One that shine greater than ever before. More confident in myself.

Scars of the past remind me not to forget where I came from.

To where I am today.

So hopefully this was pretty neat. Maybe I’ll write more poems in the future. idk we will see. Anywho, what shall I talk about tomorrow night?


The Seeds We Sow // The Bunny The Bear

The sins of your father, 
Your chore for the day.
And it’s cold where you sleep when 
The distance can drag you away.

Who are you interested in??

Hey guys,

This is  my third post of the blog series that I am starting. This topic today includes the annoying questions people have been asking me for weeks, which is the question stated above. So as always, comment feedback and ideas for me to write about and I will try to do that. Thanks and enjoy!!

Okay. So if anyone hasn’t been asked this question at some point has been living under a rock. It’s the dreaded question that everyone doesn’t really want to answer. Now a couple years ago, I would always have an answer to this question.  Lately, this has been irritating me because everyone has been asking me this.

However, as the times have changed so has my mind and views on this topic of relationships. I no longer have been interested in finding the perfect one to date because of my busy schedule with school and work. I would never have time to date anyone right now and that’s just it. At my age, I shouldn’t be worrying about who I’m going to date but rather on school and bettering myself.

My approach to this is simple. By saying I’m not interested in dating a woman at this time will give them cues that I am trying to better myself as a person. You see, I’ve seen many people get so desperate for having a girlfriend that whenever they got close it blew up in their face. I mean every guy dreads the friend zone and doesn’t want to get caught in that. With me, I don’t really care if I’m there with multiple women. It’s good to become great friends with them first in my opinion, so then I have a better understanding of how they operate.

Also, I figure that if I’m confident in myself that’s what will attract them. I’m sure some might wonder why I’m so confident in myself and find that worth asking by hanging out with me.  Now I’m sure all my naysayers will say, “Well if you’re too confident then you’re an asshole.” Wrong. There’s a difference between confidence and being an asshole. An asshole doesn’t care and has false confidence in himself due to low esteem.

I guess all I’m trying to say is it’s annoying having to explain to people why I’m not interested in anyone right now. Just doesn’t appeal to me right now and if someone really wants to get to know me, they’ll notice my confidence and approach me. The right person will walk into my life whenever they want to walk in. No need to force em.